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Baby Harper

Meet Harper:

Juuust kidding, just kidding.

Meet Harper:

The beautiful baby boy, blessed to have Lindsey and Dan as parents. For their first little one, they’re naturals, swaddling that little guy up like a pro for his close ups and cleaning the messes he leaves in his wake. (As I look on with very round eyes.)

Lindsey and Dan’s wedding, if you may remember, was the very first I photographed back in 2009.  It was so fantastic getting to see them both again, now in their new roles as parents, and it seems only fitting that my first newborn session would be theirs. They’ll always be dear to me as the first ones who took a chance with the 21 year old girl, excited but beyond nervous, with the Canon glued to her eyeball.

A wink, some bubbles, and a bit of tongue all while looking completely adorable? This kid’s a pro at multitasking.


And a great, big congrats to the happy family. 🙂